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Yesterday we took Lily-Ann in for her 18 month “well baby” check-up.  She weighs in at 27 pounds 1 ounce.  She leaned her head nicely from side to side as Dr. Goluboff looked into each of her ears, and patted her belly when he asked her where it was.  After the exam he pronounced “That’s […]

Well, it’s September 20th. Lily-Ann is two months old. We went for our second “well baby” check up with our family doctor. She weighed in at 11 pounds and 14 ounces. We have to measure her ourselves, and well… we just haven’t done it yet today. 😉 Doctor said she looks really good. I went […]

As of today we’re at 38 weeks. That’s right, only two weeks until our estimated due date. Honestly? I find it a little scary. I’m SOOOO looking forward to meeting little Jack or Lily, but us, being parents? Really? Are we old enough for that? LOL Silly, I know. I’m 30, of course I’m old […]

We had our second (and final) ultrasound yesterday morning. E has moved into the proper head down position, and all of the internal organs are looking good. Unfortunately we still weren’t able to get a “for sure” on the sex… E had a foot up right in front of the genitals… So E will remain […]

Low Hemoglobin


Found out, at my doctors appointment yesterday, that I have low hemoglobin levels. Not a good thing this close to our due date. The main risk is to me (not the baby) which is a plus – at least as far as my stress levels are concerned. For now, I’m upping my vitamin intake, which […]

Our First Ultrasound Add to My Profile | More Videos

We had our first ultrasound appointment on the sixth (I know, I know… it’s taken me nine days to post). I was desperately hoping to find out if we should be getting ready for Jack or Lily. So far whenever I refer to the baby I say “E”… not HE, not SHE… just E – […]