Low Hemoglobin


Found out, at my doctors appointment yesterday, that I have low hemoglobin levels. Not a good thing this close to our due date. The main risk is to me (not the baby) which is a plus – at least as far as my stress levels are concerned. For now, I’m upping my vitamin intake, which hopefully will result in a higher level next time we do the blood test.

As an information junkie, I had to search for more information. I can’t be even a little in the dark on anything that concerns me or my family. The most basic explanation I found was from the Mayo Clinic website: “Hemoglobin is an iron-rich protein in red blood cells. Low hemoglobin is another way of describing a low red blood cell count (anemia).” – Dr. Ruben Mesa

From that point I was able to find out a whole lot more in my searches online. The most dangerous risks (beyond a blood transfusion for me) are premature birth and low birth weight. The risk isn’t high, but it’s still there. I also learned that raising hemoglobin levels through supplementation often takes between four and six months, and well, we really don’t have that long.

So my plan is to take the extra vitamins religiously for the next while, and just hope that my levels come up high enough to get me (and E) out of the danger zone.

On a good note, I’ve scheduled my next ultrasound. We’ll be going in on May 24th. So keep your fingers crossed that little E doesn’t keep his/her legs crossed. LOL We want to know if we’re expecting Jack or Lily on July 14th.

Oh! Today we’re at 29 weeks and 6 days… 71 days to go. Tomorrow it will be week 30 with 70 days to go. Damon laughs like crazy at me for keeping such close watch on the days and weeks. LOL He should try carrying around all this extra weight (and the strangeness that goes with it), and then see if HE starts watching the time a little closer. 😉


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