New Due Date, and Other Developments


We had our first ultrasound appointment on the sixth (I know, I know… it’s taken me nine days to post). I was desperately hoping to find out if we should be getting ready for Jack or Lily. So far whenever I refer to the baby I say “E”… not HE, not SHE… just E – which everyone seems to hear as HE. Anyway… Baby would not co-operate. E was all bunched up, refused to give us even a small glimpse of it’s privates. I mean really. Modesty at this age? Come on. So it continues to be E.

One interesting development discovered at the ultrasound was our new due date. Apparently we had it wrong. We’re not due on the 25th, we’re due July 14th. Not really sure how we messed that one up. Not really sure how I was even fertile at that point. LOL But it is what it is. I like the 14th better anyway – less Summer heat at that point. 😉 The less I have to sit, sweltering in 30+ (celcius) degree heat, with an enormous belly, the better.

A not so nice development with our little one, that really was amazing, and interesting, and cool, and fabulous at first, is all the movement E does. Now, I say that it started out absolutely amazing… it really did. To feel it moving inside me, turning, kicking… it was breath taking. Well… now it literally is breath taking. The little bugger honestly knocks the wind right out of me! It gets down right painful, especially when E does it in the middle of a contraction (braxton hicks, nothing to worry about). Good grief!

Can we talk about lack of sleep? Our little monster seems to have it’s days and nights all mixed up. E’s usually pretty quiet during the day… a half hour of activity here, ten minutes there… but come ten p.m. or later??? You’d think E was a kick boxing champion! It’s really not unusual for it to wake me up four or five times during the night with it’s gymnastics routines. It’s really starting to worry me! If E is this active now, what the heck did we get ourselves into?!?!?!? Forget AD/HD… this goes beyond all that, we’re going to earn our own set of “special” letters!

Anyway… I’m hungry (again). So I’m signing off. Take care. And right before you drift off for an uninterrupted, dreamy, full nights sleep – think of me.


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