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Yesterday we took Lily-Ann in for her 18 month “well baby” check-up.  She weighs in at 27 pounds 1 ounce.  She leaned her head nicely from side to side as Dr. Goluboff looked into each of her ears, and patted her belly when he asked her where it was.  After the exam he pronounced “That’s […]

Well, it’s September 20th. Lily-Ann is two months old. We went for our second “well baby” check up with our family doctor. She weighed in at 11 pounds and 14 ounces. We have to measure her ourselves, and well… we just haven’t done it yet today. 😉 Doctor said she looks really good. I went […]

People have been quick to point out that I still haven’t provided Lily-Ann’s vitals. Completely my bad. I also haven’t really posted our birth story yet either. Again, my bad. The truth is, I haven’t had much time for the internet lately. Emails go unanswered, my websites go unattended, message boards neglected, blog unposted to… […]