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I have a rule about not coming upstairs to use the computer after my kids (parrot, turtles, rat, chinchilla) are asleep. I’m breaking it tonight. I should be downstairs getting ready to sleep, but instead I’m up here, having woken up my kidlets, blogging. Not very nice of me. I know. We don’t subscribe to […]

As of today we’re at 38 weeks. That’s right, only two weeks until our estimated due date. Honestly? I find it a little scary. I’m SOOOO looking forward to meeting little Jack or Lily, but us, being parents? Really? Are we old enough for that? LOL Silly, I know. I’m 30, of course I’m old […]

19 Days to Go!


I’ll admit it, I’ve been a bad blogger. Bad! Bad Blogger! *slaps own wrist* I’ve honestly just been so out of it lately, that I haven’t had much (anything coherent anyway) to say. I’m sore, I’m tired, and, well… after I post this I’ll be going for a nap. I’ve been thinking a lot about […]

Well, We’ve made it to 33 weeks and 3 days. 46 days until our due date, 25 days until we are considered full term. I think it’s time to start nailing down all the details about E’s name. We’ve known from the beginning that it will be Jack or Lily… and that Lily will actually […]

We had our second (and final) ultrasound yesterday morning. E has moved into the proper head down position, and all of the internal organs are looking good. Unfortunately we still weren’t able to get a “for sure” on the sex… E had a foot up right in front of the genitals… So E will remain […]

Will I Love E?


This may sound like an absurd worry to some… but it’s a worry for me none the less. So many soon-to-be moms that I’ve visited with are already in love with their little one, before they even arrive. Personally, I have no such feelings. Logically I’m quite aware that it’s a baby growing inside my […]

Low Hemoglobin


Found out, at my doctors appointment yesterday, that I have low hemoglobin levels. Not a good thing this close to our due date. The main risk is to me (not the baby) which is a plus – at least as far as my stress levels are concerned. For now, I’m upping my vitamin intake, which […]