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Here’s a quick slide show featuring Lily-Ann (of course) in her bouncy chair. These pictures were taken on December 7th. Lily-Ann in her bouncy chair Advertisements

Nekkid Baby!!!


Just a few pictures I took earlier today… well… yesterday. On the afternoon of Friday, December 7th. Gotta love a nekkid baby!!!

Only Hours Old


Here are a few pictures that my mother took when Lily was only a few hours old. She really was (and is) so beyond amazing.

Every baby must have bath time pictures. So… without further ado… here are Lily-Ann’s obligitory Bath tub pictures. Taken October 29th.

Okay… It’s been a while since my last post. I’ve been busy. What can I say. LOL Being a mom pretty much takes up all of my time these days. Lily-Ann was 3 months old yesterday, which honestly just blows my mind. She’s doubled in size (weight wise) since coming home. She’s so big, and […]

Well, it’s September 20th. Lily-Ann is two months old. We went for our second “well baby” check up with our family doctor. She weighed in at 11 pounds and 14 ounces. We have to measure her ourselves, and well… we just haven’t done it yet today. 😉 Doctor said she looks really good. I went […]

I’m sorry for not posting earlier, but my recovery (physically and emotionally) from three days of labor followed by a stuck baby and emergency C-section has been rather slow. I promise I’ll post the entire story bit by bit as I’m feeling better. For now though, the good news… Lily-Ann is Here!!! And she’s the […]