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I Give Up!


Though I prefer wordpress, I give up. Photobucket slideshows don’t work here, and they’re a major part of Lily’s blog. So it’s back to blogger for The Lily Pad. Keep up with us at: See you there! Advertisements

Eating Out


Doing anything with a headstrong, high needs toddler is an adventure… but eating out has to top them all. Here’s how we kept Lily-Ann busy while we ate out at Bonanza this evening. One cone contains vanilla ice cream, the other chocolate mousse. Mmm… mmmm…  good. 🙂

I’m slowly moving all the posts over from Lily’s old blog (at myspace).  It was easy to transfer those that were at blogger, but this is taking much longer as I have to do it manually, one post at a time.  Also, the slide shows still aren’t working.  The buttons for most of them are […]

Yesterday we took Lily-Ann in for her 18 month “well baby” check-up.  She weighs in at 27 pounds 1 ounce.  She leaned her head nicely from side to side as Dr. Goluboff looked into each of her ears, and patted her belly when he asked her where it was.  After the exam he pronounced “That’s […]

The New Blog


Hey everyone. Long time no type. Anyway, here’s Lily-Ann’s new blog. I promise to be much better with getting photographs and stories up for all of you. The old posts have all been migrated over to this new address – so far though, the photo slide shows don’t seem to be working. Hopefully that will […]