Second (and last) Ultrasound


We had our second (and final) ultrasound yesterday morning. E has moved into the proper head down position, and all of the internal organs are looking good. Unfortunately we still weren’t able to get a “for sure” on the sex… E had a foot up right in front of the genitals… So E will remain E until E is born. LOL

The not-so-thrilling-for-mommy news?

E is HUGE!!!

That’s right. Huge.

Babies at this stage are normally about four pounds (some just under, some just over). E is five and a half pounds!!!! I’m real glad E is healthy and strong… but that’s just plain scary! Definitely NOT looking forward to pushing THAT out. Damon, of course, couldn’t stop grinning. Boy needs to be slapped. LMAO


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