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Nekkid Baby!!!


Just a few pictures I took earlier today… well… yesterday. On the afternoon of Friday, December 7th. Gotta love a nekkid baby!!! Advertisements

Only Hours Old


Here are a few pictures that my mother took when Lily was only a few hours old. She really was (and is) so beyond amazing.

I don’t mean to harp on this… but I really am completely blown away by this whole idea. We aren’t talking about a six year old child having a temper tantrum at the supermarket because he wants a toy. We’re talking about a three month old infant who is crying because he needs the comfort […]

A little background… I’m a member of, an online community for pregnant women (many who continue to be members after their babies arrive). The group there that I’d been most active in during my pregnancy was the group for moms all due in July of 07. I haven’t been there much since Lily-Ann arrived, […]

I’m sorry for not posting earlier, but my recovery (physically and emotionally) from three days of labor followed by a stuck baby and emergency C-section has been rather slow. I promise I’ll post the entire story bit by bit as I’m feeling better. For now though, the good news… Lily-Ann is Here!!! And she’s the […]