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I’m slowly moving all the posts over from Lily’s old blog (at myspace).  It was easy to transfer those that were at blogger, but this is taking much longer as I have to do it manually, one post at a time.  Also, the slide shows still aren’t working.  The buttons for most of them are […]

The New Blog


Hey everyone. Long time no type. Anyway, here’s Lily-Ann’s new blog. I promise to be much better with getting photographs and stories up for all of you. The old posts have all been migrated over to this new address – so far though, the photo slide shows don’t seem to be working. Hopefully that will […]

19 Days to Go!


I’ll admit it, I’ve been a bad blogger. Bad! Bad Blogger! *slaps own wrist* I’ve honestly just been so out of it lately, that I haven’t had much (anything coherent anyway) to say. I’m sore, I’m tired, and, well… after I post this I’ll be going for a nap. I’ve been thinking a lot about […]