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Okay, just a real quick entry… LILY GIGGLED! That’s right. Lily-Ann giggled for the first time today. I’d just finished changing her diaper, and was yaking at her the way I usually do, and out came the cutest, brightest giggle. It was really short, but it was very much a giggle. 😀 Just had to […]

My Heart


I wasn’t one of those textbook moms, who falls in love with their baby at first sight. I was honestly in such a haze for the first several days that I can’t recall feeling much of anything. Lily-Ann’s birth was quite honestly the worst experience of my life. After such a horrible beginning, it was […]

Brandibuck (our Havanese) has taken it upon herself to become Lily-Ann’s official Nanny. As such, she’s earned the new nickname “Nan”. After feedings Bucky Nan is always sure to clean Lily’s face of any spilled milk… Nan also cleans her eyes after baby wakes, and I’m sure she’d also do diaper duty if we let […]

I’m sorry for not posting earlier, but my recovery (physically and emotionally) from three days of labor followed by a stuck baby and emergency C-section has been rather slow. I promise I’ll post the entire story bit by bit as I’m feeling better. For now though, the good news… Lily-Ann is Here!!! And she’s the […]