Baby Name Help – Your Chance to Weigh in.


Well, We’ve made it to 33 weeks and 3 days. 46 days until our due date, 25 days until we are considered full term. I think it’s time to start nailing down all the details about E’s name.

We’ve known from the beginning that it will be Jack or Lily… and that Lily will actually be Lily-Anne or Lily-Ann. But that’s about where it stops. Middle names we’re considering for Lily – Mae, Sydney, Marie, Alora… so she could be Lily-Ann Alora Marie Smith, Lily-Anne Sydney Mae Smith, Lily-Anne Marie Smith, etc. etc.

Mae was Damon’s Grandmas middle name (Ila Mae), and I adored her. She was the first person to truly welcome me into the family years and years ago. She and I used to spend many of our days together. When Damon left for work, he’d drop me off at Ilas, and the two of us would just visit all day. I really do miss her.

Sidney was Damon’s Papa (paternal grandpa)… and everyone who knew him loved him. He was just Papa – to everyone. He was always so full of love. He will always be missed and well remembered.

Marie is my little sister, and she is beyond special to both Damon and I. She’s just… well… Marie. Words could never capture her, not truly. To try would only do her an injustice.

Alora is just something I really like.

So, what are your thoughts on a full name for Lily?

Now with Jack, we have even less decided… Jack could be Jacky, Giaccamo, Jackson or any variation on that theme. Middle (or first) names could be William, Sydney, Darius, Edward, or something else entirely. Soooo… Jack could be William Jackson Smith, Giaccamo Sydney Edward Smith, Sydney Jacky Smith, Darius Jackson Smith, etc.

William is a family name… my dad, my brother, and my grampa are all Williams. I think it’s a beautiful traditional name. But we’d need to be careful to stay away from anything that would bring up Will Smith or Billy Jack.

Sidney is mentioned above (with Lily’s explanations).

Darius is just a nice D name… and I kinda like the idea of Jack being a D.J. because that’s what Damon is (Damon Jason).

Edward is a name I’ve always liked.

So… what are your thoughts on a name for Jack?

Please do weigh in. We don’t have all that much longer to have something picked out… and obviously we’re in need of some help in this department!!!


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