88 Days Left – 3rd Trimester


We are officially into the third trimester of our pregnancy. We’re 27 weeks along, and have 88 days to go. My Braxton Hicks contractions are getting a little more insistent this week… they’d been relatively mild up until now. It’s not unusual for them to come in clusters (4 or so an hour). They don’t last long though, and become stronger the longer I’ve been on my feet. I find taking a break, and laying down for a while usually brings them to an end – at least for a little while.

I think “E” may be getting a little more cramped, as his/her movement have changed a bit. E doesn’t seem to be able to stretch out and HOLD the stretch like E used to. This has actually made things a bit more comfortable. I still get kicked and prodded… but those movements don’t hold their extended position any more. It’s KICK and release. LOL There are also some new feelings in there that I can’t identify, really mild and slight. After doing some reading I think they may POSSIBLY be hick-ups (which apparently start at the beginning of the 3rd trimester), don’t know for sure… but that might be an explanation. LOL

Anyway, the time is going really quickly now. I’m starting to get a little nervy about all that still needs to be done before E gets here. At this point, E could survive outside the womb – but E’d have to sleep in the sink. LMAO So we really need to get moving.


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