We’re Not Moving…. STRESS!


Our mortgage broker called me today to give me some rather negative tidings. It seems we won’t be moving after all. The best she could do for us would be a house that’s worth twice what we paid for our current home. Sounds fabulous right? Not so much. The market in Saskatoon is so inflated right now, that twice our current mortgage value gets us into… well… our home.

Time for a new strategy.

We’d already looked at remortgaging, and building another level onto our house – hiring a contractor and the like – and it just wasn’t an option. Even with what we could get (cash wise) by refinancing, we’d be looking at double that to build a second story.

What options does that leave us with? Not a whole lot.

#1 – (which is what my mother would have us do) Get rid of our pets and use the space created that way to make room for baby.

#2 – (which is what we’re actually going to look into doing) Start calling around to family and see if we have enough skill and manpower to build onto this place ourselves.

So, we’ve asked Yvette (our mortgage specialist, who really is fabulous) to shop around for us. We’re confident she’ll find us the best possible options for refinancing. She’s gone out of her way to help us in the past, and I know she’ll continue to do the absolute best she can for us.

In the mean time, we have to start hitting up family. UGH. Not something I’m looking forward to… but I suppose one does what one has to in order to make things work.

I really think my Grampa (who has been one of my best friends since I was in elementary school) is our greatest resource. He has knowledge out the wazoo! He’s a former plumber and carpenter. He’s built all sorts of things – from knick knacks to buildings. If anyone will be able to help us with this scheme, it will be him.

Grampa Wan Kanobi, You’re our only hope!


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