The Countdown Begins… and Daddy Gets Kicked!


As of today we are 25 weeks and five days pregnant. What does this mean? Well, we’re into the final countdown. 100 days till our due date! Yippee!!!

Last night was a bit of a treat. Damon felt his first kick! Little “E” has been hitting me hard for weeks, but yesterday evening E was especially active – and hitting up quite high near the surface. I’ve been able to feel kicks when my hands are resting on my belly for some time, but I know exactly where, and when the kicks are happening. Damon doesn’t have the “benefit” of feeling them on the inside too.


I took Damons hand – which was, of course, on the keyboard as he played World of Warcraft – and placed it to the left of my belly button. I placed my hands on top of his to ensure he’d actually put a little pressure on my belly (he won’t do that on his own, the fart). E got quiet for a second, and I’m sure Damon thought the activity was over. Then his eyes got so wide I thought they’d fall out of his head. LOL I’ve never seen a look like that on his face before. It was more amazed disbelief than anything else. He got kicked two more times, and then it was back to WoW.

It was pretty cool if I do say so myself.


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