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For the last few days Damon and I have been watching a rather strange phenomenon. Little “E” is so large now, that E’s starting to poke right out of my bulbous belly. I first discovered this strange turn when I was reclining in bed reading a magazine. Everything was going along as usual when the […]

We are officially into the third trimester of our pregnancy. We’re 27 weeks along, and have 88 days to go. My Braxton Hicks contractions are getting a little more insistent this week… they’d been relatively mild up until now. It’s not unusual for them to come in clusters (4 or so an hour). They don’t […]

Our mortgage broker called me today to give me some rather negative tidings. It seems we won’t be moving after all. The best she could do for us would be a house that’s worth twice what we paid for our current home. Sounds fabulous right? Not so much. The market in Saskatoon is so inflated […]

Okay, one more thing to add to the list I’d previously posted. 🙂 Ergo Baby Carrier –> This carrier absolutely rocks! I’ve yet to find even a slightly negative sounding review, and I’ve read hundreds now. I’d still like some kind of a sling for when E first makes a showing… but this carrier sounds […]

As of today we are 25 weeks and five days pregnant. What does this mean? Well, we’re into the final countdown. 100 days till our due date! Yippee!!! Last night was a bit of a treat. Damon felt his first kick! Little “E” has been hitting me hard for weeks, but yesterday evening E was […]