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I have been sooo sick the last week and a half. It started out as a sore throat on Wed the 21st, by the 22nd I was out for the count. I’m still feeling relatively miserable, but I’m no where near as sick as I was. That’s my whole blog for today. 😉 Oooo… E […]

Our First Ultrasound Add to My Profile | More Videos

Okay… in my online searches these last couple of weeks I’ve started coming up with a list of things I want for little “E”. Here are a few of those things. Feel free to print out a shopping list. I won’t mind. Honest. 😉 The Arms Reach Co-Sleeper Bassinet! –> I love this thing. I […]

We had our first ultrasound appointment on the sixth (I know, I know… it’s taken me nine days to post). I was desperately hoping to find out if we should be getting ready for Jack or Lily. So far whenever I refer to the baby I say “E”… not HE, not SHE… just E – […]