Blonde No More


I was in the master bathroom at my parents house… a room with fabulous light. Half asleep I glanced into the mirror. What normally would have remained nothing more than a quick glance before returning to bed became a long stare. It took a second for my exhausted eyes to focus. Completely bewildered. Such a thing could not happen to me. The girl with the perfect head of strawberry blonde hair.

From my time in beauty school, studying cosmetology almost a decade ago, I knew that some women experience a change in the chemistry of their hair due to pregnancy. This change can manifest itself in many ways, one of the most noticeable being that blondes may simply cease to be blondes. I also knew that my mother was a blonde child, but I had always known her as a mousy brunette. None of this had entered my conscious mind as something that might effect ME… not until tonight.

I tried to go back to sleep after the disturbing image in the mirror, but I could not. I have so long defined myself as a blonde. I loved my hair colour, would never dream of changing it. People, complete strangers, would complement me on my lovely lovely hair. It will never happen again.

As of tonight, I must step up and claim this colour that I don’t recognize as my own. Tonight I saw, not my own beautiful blonde head of hair, but the bland brown hair of a stranger in the mirror.

Now… in my defense… I’m not saying that brunette is an ugly colour. There are some gorgeous shades of brunette that any woman could be proud to claim as her own… however, none of those are to be found on my newly dulled crown.

blah, boring, mousy, yuck

I didn’t realize I was still this shallow, but there it is.

Even my eyebrows have darkened. My crowning glory has diminished… Like a light having been put out. If I’d have known those were my last weeks with my blonde locks, I would have treasured them so much more. Spent more time in the sunlight. Taken more pictures. I would have waited to have cut my hair.

Regrets of a former blonde.


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